Is DIY Mosquito Killer Useful? How Does it Compare with Best Rated Mosquito Traps?

DIY Mosquito Killer

The idea of homemade mosquito killer and homemade mosquito repellant is good, but can it really kill mosquitoes effectively? How does it compare with best midge machine?

indoor insect killerNothing takes away summer fun like that little blood sucker we all hate. Some people want to trap and kill mosquitoes by self-made, folk methods.Take garlic and garlic mosquito repellant as an example. This is an old trick, but some studies show it can work for some, but not for others. However, garlic has been show to be toxic to mosquitoes and according to the Wall Street Journal, mixing a sugar bait of date juice and garlic can kill many different types of mosquitoes. There are also so-called natural mosquito trap, like fruit, soap, soda, natural mosquito repellant plants and so on.

DIY Mosquito Killer

There are many other ways like this, but it's obvious that they don't necessarily apply to everyone. We need more scientific and effective ways to flying insect control. And our products are proving themselves with achievements.

DIY Mosquito Killer

LASERX indoor insect killer is one of our most popular indoor insect trap, its tube is unique ultra violet "PHILIPS" tubes, one of the most effective "mosquito bait for attracting mosquitoes" tubes. It is compact, lightweight, portable, easy to use and clean, almost no area because it's wall-mounted. Even if it's turned on 24 hours, it won't consume much electricity. Give your child a night free from mosquitoes.

indoor insect killer