Solar Mosquito Killer, More Economical without Electricity

IT04-mosquito killer

Have you had enough of the tediousness of mosquito barrier? If you need a highly efficient and powerful insect trap or mosquito killer trap, I think you're looking for the right place. QM IT04 outside mosquito killer is a star product with beauty, function and benefit. But this time I want to focus on its benefits.

IT04-mosquito killerMost insect killer light are electronic mosquito killing system, which not only imposes an additional burden on the cost of mosquito killing device, but also runs counter to the concept of environmental protection. Our products have better endurance than the best bug zapper on the market. On the basis of this advantage, we have solved the energy consumption problem for our customers in the long-term use. So we chose solar energy as the energy source of mosquito trap outdoor instead of saving money for customers.

IT04-mosquito killerEnergy-saving and Eco-friendly -- Uses the solar energy to charge during the day, your bug zapper lamp will light up to 24 hours with a full charge and sometimes even longer using the latest CCFL technology. When there is no light, you could use cable to charge the battery. The spotlight is light sensitive and won't light up in bright place.

IT04-mosquito killerTangible benefits -- You can use it at all times without having to switch on and off repeatedly for fear of electricity bills. The longer you use it, the more electricity you save. In addition to what I said above, And this mosquito machine price is much lower than that of other insect and mosquito killer. QM IT04 also has many advantages, such as waterproof, fall proof, and we will continue to talk to you in the next article.