Choose a Beautiful Mosquito Trap and Best Bug Traps

IT04-mosquito trap

QM IT04 is one of our most popular mosquito bug zapper. It has won the favor of customers with his beautiful design. There is no doubt that this mosquito killer light reflects your residence.

IT04-mosquito trapWhen many people first saw it, they couldn't even respond that It was a insect lamp. If you buy it home, even if you tell your guests that it is a work of art, I think they will believe it. I know that no amount of overflowing words can match the persuasiveness of one of its pictures.

IT04-mosquito trapIn addition, QM IT04 is a multi-functional, powerful insect light trap, leading the market in many high-end bug trap in many practical. Energy-saving and Eco-friendly -- Uses the solar energy to charge during the day, your solar mosquito trap light will light up to 24 hours with a full charge and sometimes even longer using the latest CCFL technology. When there is no light, you could use cable to charge the battery. The spotlight is light sensitive and won't light up in bright place.

IT04-mosquito trapLighting arrays – The QM has the most sophisticated of the light systems, with an array that flashes both visible and invisible spectrum's at oscillating frequencies tested and proven to appeal to mosquitoes. It's the best bug zapper and top rated mosquito traps in the solar trap n kill mosquito trap.

If your garden is already very beautiful, why not choose this beautiful fly and mosquito trappers to add beauty to it? If your garden is usually neglected, why not start by buying a beautiful mosquito catcher and killer?

IT04-mosquito trap