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    K02 Wall Mount Insect Killer

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  • MosKiller K02 Insect Killer

    -  Blood-sucking insects destroy weapons - elegant, practical and effective

    -  Unique UV, irresistible attractant flies, and non-toxic paste to lure and capture mosquitoes flying insects.
    - Meet the QS, HACCP, AIB, SSOP, GMP, etc.

    Suitable for: in food, medicine, beverages, toilets, shopping malls, electronics, precision instruments, chemicals, nonwovens, packaging industry, can also be used in hospitals, restaurants, canteens and other public health areas.


    - Single trapping lamp

    -  Power supply voltage: 220V; power: (15W)
    -  Dimensions: 31 width x 23  high x  10cm thick;
    -  Effective range: about 40 square meters (400 feet)


    Unique features:

     >> The Netherlands imported, high temperature lamp QM-specific pest control

     >> Wall reflector design, more attractive than the general pest control powerful lights and spray 3 - 4 times

     >> Mosquito board is to contain the adhesive paste special attractant, to lure and capture the flies, regardless of the number or types are clear and easy into the HACCP control system
     >> Wall-mounted design, easy to install and maintain
     >> There is no high-pressure device, no arc, working quietly

     >> Consumables only mosquito Patch (replaced once every 3-6 months, depending on the number of mosquitoes may be) and the lamp (replaced once every 9 months)
     >> Maintenance costs and maintenance savings

    Restaurant Mosquito Lamps

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